Studying is a life’s work – for everyone!

Various opportunities for people who wish to improve their knowledge or skills and thereby increase their own value as an employee.

Fourteen lifelong learning centers

All over the country offer a variety of services;
validation of prior learning, career counseling, Icelandic language courses, analysis of educational needs and general re-education.

Learning takes place in many locations

Our strengths, experience and knowledge are attributes that should not be underestimated. But sometimes help is needed to make them visible and add to them. It is never too late.

Lifelong learning centers by region

Learning, validation of prior learning and counseling.

Role models in adult education 2022

“My first move was having my overall employability assessed. It went brilliantly, which gave me confidence and a belief that I can do more.”

“An awesome time; my self-confidence, self-respect and belief in my own abilities grew and I decided to take on bigger projects and completed Menntastoðir.”

Role models in adult education 2020

“For a long time, I had believed that I could not learn mathematics. But in Menntastoðir there was a teacher who explained in human terms and I achieved very good results."

"I had not been in school for 25 years, but I soon realized that I might have something to build upon."

Lifelong learning centers

Positive attitude and support facing new subjects

– areas of interest, goals, validation of prior learning, obstacles

Diverse study programs to strengthen your position in the labour market

– can shorten upper secondary school study

Career counseling available all over the country

– primarily intended for 18 years and older

Náms- og starfsráðgjöf