Bookkeeping Studies

Skill level: 0

Studying to be a certified bookkeeper is connected to bookkeeping, payroll systems, accounting and tax reporting and the use of information technology in such projects.


Studies for a certified bookkeeper are taught at NTV and Promennt. The University of Iceland Continuing Education and the RU Open University have also offered courses and study programs for the final part of the degree to be a certified bookkeeper.


Admission requirements for studies for a certified public accountant can vary considerably and it is advisable to consult the website of the study program in question.

Trade union education funds often provide scholarships for study. Get more information from your union.


There is a difference in emphasis in the organization of bookkeeping studies between the educational providers that offer such studies. See more in the websites of the relevant study programs; Nýi tölvu- og viðskiptaskólinnPromenntContinuing education at the University of IcelandRU Open University.

After graduation

In order to acquire a degree as a certified bookkeeper, examinations held by the Ministry of Industry and Innovation must be completed.

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