Social work studies

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Social work studies for professional qualifications are undergraduate and graduate studies at the university level. The studies include strengthening skills and knowledge to work in counseling and treatment of individuals, families, children and groups. Theories and working methods within social work, social problems, their consequences and the resources available are discussed.

The program ends with an MA degree that provides a legal professional qualification. The study program for a BA degree is three years and, after that, two years for an MA degree.

University of Iceland Study Choice Wheel (Námsvalshjól Háskóla Íslands)


Social work studies are taught within the social work department of the School of Social Sciences at the University of Iceland.


Undergraduate studies (BA): Admission requirements are a matriculation examination or a comparable study program.
Graduate Qualifications (MA): Applicants must have completed a BA in social work with a first grade, must submit a criminal record and explain their ability to study, see more here.

The study program is credit-worthy at the Student Education Fund (Menntasjóður námsmanna).
Trade union education funds often provide scholarships for study. Get more information from your union.


Social work studies are both theoretical and practical. Students complete a three-year BA degree in social work before taking a two-year professional qualification for the MA degree.

Vocational training takes place in the MA program

The BA final project is done in the third year and the MA final project in the second year of the professional qualification program

After graduation

After graduation, you can apply for legal qualification, after which you can work under the job title social worker.

Social worker
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