Commercial pilot studies

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Commercial pilot studies are a work-related study program at the secondary school level. The study program involves, among other things, students acquiring skills and knowledge of capacity, planning, aviation meteorology, procedures, aviation and telecommunications related to aviation and aircraft. Students also acquire skills in visual flight and IFR flight.


Commercial pilot studies have been taught at the Keilir Aviation Academy. Various further information can be found on the website of the Icelandic Transport Authority (Samgöngustofa).


Applicants must be at least 18 years old, have a private pilot license, a first-class medical certificate, and have flown for at least 150 hours as a pilot. A certain knowledge of mathematics, physics and English is required. See more about the schools’ admission requirements.

The program has been credit-worthy for subsistence and other loans at the Student Education Fund (Menntasjóður námsmanna). Trade unions often provide scholarships for study. Get more information from your union.


Commercial pilot studies are divided into theoretical subjects and practical training. The first two semesters are spent on the theoretical disciplines of commercial aviation, but the practical part is a minimum of 25 hours with a flight instructor. Check whether the study program or part of it can be taught in distance learning.

After graduation

Theoretical and practical training gives a commercial pilot’s license and thus a license to work with and be paid to fly with an air carrier.

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