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Podiatry is a work-related study program at the secondary school level. The study involves strengthening knowledge and skills regarding the healthcare system, developing the legs, treating foot diseases, materials and tools, as well as making appropriate aiding tools. Podiatry is a certified healthcare trade.

A specialized study program in podiatry is organized as a three-semester program.


Studies in podiatry are offered at the Keilir Sports Academy.


Students must have completed compulsory education and mostly studies in general core and health disciplines before starting studies in podiatry as a specialty. Students must also have reached the age of 18 before starting specialty studies at the Keilir Podiatry School. More about the admission requirements.

The study program is credit-worthy at the Student Education Fund (Menntasjóður námsmanna)

Trade unions also often provide scholarships for study. Get more information from your union.


Studies in podiatry are 199 credits in total; 48 credits general core disciplines, 61 credits health disciplines and 90 credits theoretical and practical specialties of podiatry. The special study program is organized as a three-year study program, the theoretical study is taught in distance learning with local phases and practical courses taught in Keilir’s main building at Ásbrú in Reykjanesbær.

In the final year, emphasis is placed on workplace learning, where students, with the help of a professional podiatrist, get to work with clients and go on a variety of workplace visits. 

After graduation

Upon completion of the study, it is possible to apply for an operating license to the Directorate of Health and a license to use the professional title of podiatrist.

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