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Technology is a 90-credit diploma program at university level that can be completed in three years while working. The program is divided into three courses in addition to business technology; construction technology, electrical technology and mechanical technology.


Technology has been taught at Reykjavík University.


With a master’s certification in a trade or a matriculation examination, it is possible to start studies in technology without further preparation, but those who have only completed theoretical studies for a journeyman’s examination can take up to four preparatory courses in distance learning, in parallel with the technology studies; mathematics, physics, Icelandic and English.

To enter studies in business technology, a diploma in construction technology, electrical technology or mechanical technology must be completed. See more about the admission requirements.

The program is credit-worthy for subsistence and tuition fees at the Student Education Fund (Menntasjóður námsmanna). Trade union education funds often provide scholarships for study. Get more information from your union.


Studies in technology are divided into four different paths; construction technology, electrical technology and mechanical technology as well as general business technology.

Distance learning is taught in parallel with two local weekend phases each semester, where practical exercises are undertaken, companies are visited and projects are completed in a real environment.

After graduation

Technician is a legally protected job title and completing a journeyman’s examination in a trade in the relevant field in addition to the industrial studies in order is needed to graduate as a technician.

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