Folk high school

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Folk high school education is based on each individual’s criteria for learning rather than on exams or grades. Conditions and a framework are created where the student is responsible for their own studies, but the main focus is on discovering and nurturing the talents of each individual.

The studies usually take one school year, but it is also possible to complete one semester in autumn or spring.


The Flateyri Folk High School offers two study programs. The Ocean, the Mountains and You is related to outdoor activities and experiences in nature through travel and how you can work with nature, utilize it and explore it in a safe and environmentally friendly manner. The studies take place to a large extent outdoors in various conditions.

Ideas, the World and You is all about creativity, where students gain knowledge and skills in creative work, from idea to implementation and dissemination of content.


Anyone aged 18 and over can apply to study at a folk high school. See more about applications and entry requirements at Flateyri Folk High School.

Trade union education funds often provide scholarships for studies, but local authorities have also subsidized students to study at Flateyri Folk High School. Get more information from your union.


Courses at Flateyri Folk High School take place in two-week sessions taught by guest lecturers from all over the world. This arrangement creates opportunities to get experienced people and professionals, from within Iceland and abroad, to teach courses at the school. The school has two permanent employees, a principal and a teaching director, as well as lecturers on courses at any given time.

The studies take place in various ways; discussions, project and group work, lectures, photo exhibitions or even concerts, and not necessarily in a traditional classroom indoors, but also outdoors – even in physically demanding conditions.

After graduation

Studying in a folk high school is an expansive school experience, where spending time and interacting with other students and staff around the clock is integrated into the study. The studies are therefore an opportunity to learn from others, learn about oneself, and subsequently make a decision about a further choice of study or direction in life.

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