Learning support assistant studies

Skill level: 2

Learning support assistance studies for those working in primary schools are work-related and at the secondary school level. The program entails increasing knowledge and skills to assist teachers in working with students who need additional support. Methods and theories regarding the development process of children and adolescents are discussed. Validation of prior learning has taken place in the discipline, when skills acquired in the labour market are assessed.

The average study period is two to three years, including nine or twelve weeks of vocational training.


The learning support assistant study program has been available at Verkmenntaskóli Austurlands and the Social activities and education department of Borgarholtsskóli.

A learning support assistance gateway may be available at the schools where the learning assistance study program is taught, as well as at educational and lifelong learning centers.


Applicants must have completed compulsory education in accordance with the National Curriculum Guide for Compulsory Schools. However, there may be exceptions at individual schools.

There is a program at the learning support assistance gateway, intended to make it easier for unskilled people with work experience to gain professional qualifications. The prerequisites are that the applicant is at least 22 years of age, has at least three years of work experience and has completed work-related courses.

Check whether the study program is credit-worthy at the Student Education Fund. Trade unions often provide scholarships for study. Get more information from your union.


The program is divided into general theoretical studies, specialized learning support assistance study path courses and workplace learning.

The learning support assistance gateway is intended to shorten the studies, and to this end, only specialized courses, workplace learning, and vocational training are covered.

After graduation

Upon graduation, it is possible to work as a learning support assistant at a primary school.

Learning support assistant
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