Skill level: 3

Technical drawing is a work-related study program at the secondary school level. The program entails students acquiring the knowledge and skills required to respond to the projects inherent in technical drawing, including finishing and professional management of drawings and associated data, system management of drawing systems, presentation and introduction of data.

The average duration of study is three years.


Students must have completed compulsory education in accordance with the National Curriculum Guide for Compulsory Schools, see more on the schools’ websites.

The program has been credit-worthy for subsistence and other loans at the Student Education Fund (Menntasjóður námsmanna). Trade unions also often provide scholarships for study. Get more information from your union.


The technical drawing study program is divided into general theoretical subjects, obligatory specialties and optional specialties. Check whether the study program or part of it can be taught in distance learning.

After graduation

The program can be suitable as preparation further studies in technical subjects and the construction industry, as well as giving the option of completing additional studies for the matriculation exam. The study program also entitles graduates to work as technical draftsmen.

Technical draftsman
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