Metalwork assistant

A metalwork assistant assists with new construction, installation, repair and maintenance of steel structures as well as construction, maintenance and repair of machinery. The job mainly entails simpler maintenance tasks as well as warehousing, errands and customer communication.

Generally, work is carried out under the guidance of skilled foremen and craftsmen, but also independently on specific projects related to the expertise of the employee in question. Working conditions can vary, indoors and outdoors, even with different air quality, and the job can be physically demanding.

Main tasks

– sourcing material – adjusting length and size
– welding work – setting up / preparing for welding
– bending and rolling metal
– pipe construction, sectioning and assembly
– drilling material
– tidying up and cleaning

Competence requirements

The job requires knowledge of the use and maintenance of machinery, tools and hazardous substances such as different gases or acids. It is very important to follow strict safety rules, in addition to which part of the job may require specialized competence, such as the use of a crane or forklift.


Various study programs are available, such as metalworking courses in secondary schools and courses at lifelong learning centers.

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