A public relations agent’s job involves the analysis of challenges and opportunities, policy-making, advice and various communications in connection with the reputation and dissemination of information by companies, associations or public institutions.

As a public relations agent, you can either work independently or in special public relations offices, at individual companies, associations or institutions.

Main tasks

– analytical work
– solving problems
– advice
– giving information
– communication with individuals, media, companies and institutions
– writing press releases and articles
– planning events
– policy making

Competence requirements

Public relations agents need to be good at human relations, be able to speak well, be motivating and solution-oriented. Organizational and managerial skills are important, as well as being able to work independently, make plans and evaluate results. Computer and language skills are also highly desirable.


Education in the field of public relations and marketing is common among public relations agents, but other education can also be useful, such as in the field of education and media studies. Bifröst University has offered studies in communication and public relations for a BA degree.


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