Auto painter

Auto painters prepare, spray and paint cars as well as sometimes repairing damaged plastic parts in cars. The work involves preparing a car for spraying, the surface to be painted is then sprayed several times with paint and finally dried at the right temperature. Auto painting is a certified trade.

Auto painters usually work in car spraying or auto body shops, working with hand tools such as grinders, sandblasting equipment and compressed air sprayers.

Main tasks

– design or sketch a drawing or marking of a vehicle
– estimate costs and working methods
– prepare cars by cleaning away grease, rust, varnish and other impurities
– rust-proof with primer and level the car surface
– mix colors according to a prescription and/or find the right colour mix

Competence requirements

As an auto painter, it is important to be able to work independently and methodically according to a certain process so that the vehicle is in accordance with laws and regulations after spraying. You also need solid knowledge of how colours mix and have the skill to achieve different textures on car varnish. It is also necessary to know how to handle materials used in car painting with regard to their properties, quality and health effects.


Auto painting is taught at Borgarholtsskóli, in addition to which various schools offer two-semester departments in metalworking and mechanical engineering. Auto painting studies take about three years.

Validation of prior learning has taken place and/or may be available.

Auto painting
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