Journalist / news reporter

Journalists and news reporters gather information about newsworthy events and write news that is broadcast in newspapers, radio, television and/or on the web. The job largely involves interpreting information, deciding whether and how to use it, and then presenting it in a clear and informative way. The job often involves communication with sources and correspondents, both abroad and domestically.

As a journalist or news reporter, you could for example work for newspapers and magazines, radio or television, or various online media. Journalists sometimes specialize in certain issues, such as sports, economics, politics, justice, employment or foreign/domestic news. Most reporters, however, need to be able to cover more than one particular field.

Main tasks

• gather information through interviews, data searches and references to previous news
• organize content and prepare news coverage
• send news directly from the scene
• examine and analyze information with regard to reliability
• travel in order to obtain material

Competence requirements

Journalists and news reporters need to have a very good command of the Icelandic language. Communication skills, initiative and creative, precise and critical thinking are great attributes in the work of a journalist or news reporter, as well as following current events closely. The work involves using different computer programs and being able to use social media such as Facebook and Twitter. It is also important to be able to use digital cameras, camcorders, mobile phones, microphones or other relevant technology at any given time.


Journalism is not a certified profession and a particular level of education is not required. However, most working journalists and news reporters have a university degree in some field. A program in media studies for a BA degree is taught at the University of Akureyri. Furthermore, a master’s program in media and communication studies is available in collaboration with the University of Iceland as well as a 30-credit additional diploma and a 60-credit additional subject. Journalists have also attended a four-year BA study program in journalism in Denmark.

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