A tinsmith designs and makes objects from thin plates, either according to his own drawings or those of others. The job involves installing roof, wall and steel frame cladding as well as ventilation systems, building individual system components, and servicing and maintaining such systems. Tinsmithing is a certified trade.

Tinsmiths also custom-build various utility items, such as trailers and fire doors, and advise customers on material selection and installation. Tinsmiths often work for production, service and contracting companies.

Main tasks

– building, installing and setting up air conditioning and ventilation systems in buildings or ships
– cladding roofs and walls of buildings
– installing roof edges, roof gutters, drains and steam absorbers
– locating sensors and detectors for temperature and humidity in ventilation systems
– implementing professional drawings

Competence requirements

As a tinsmith, you need to have a good knowledge of metals and metal cladding as well as machines and tools for metalworking. Tin machines and various tools are used at work, either manually controlled or often quite complex computer-controlled equipment.

The Icelandic Union of Marine Engineers and Metal Technicians – Félag vélstjóra og málmtæknimanna


Tinsmithing is taught at Borgarholtsskóli, in addition to which various schools offer basic metalworking study options. Tinsmithing studies take about three years in addition to 52 weeks of internship. Validation of prior learning has taken place and/or may be available.

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