The job of a florist is to prepare all kinds of floral decorations and ensure that their presentation is in accordance with the occasion at hand. A florist advises customers on the selection and treatment of cut flowers, potted plants, garden flowers, trees and shrubs.

As a florist, you could work in a flower shop or flower wholesale in arranging products, selling and advising customers.

Main tasks

– making flower arrangements, such as bridal bouquets, table decorations and funeral wreaths
– tending to potted plants and cut flowers
– decorating churches, meeting places or banquet tables
– assisting customers in choosing flowers and gift items
– wrapping and decorating gifts for customers

Competence requirements

As a florist, it is important to have extensive knowledge of plants and to be able to handle cut flowers and other decorative material in accordance with the needs of the species in question. It is good to know the most common pests affecting garden plants and potted plants, and to be able to work independently and guide others in their work.


The study of floral design is divided into four semesters in addition to 60 weeks of vocational training. The study program is at the secondary school level, at the vocational and continuing education department of the Agricultural University of Iceland at Reykir in Ölfus.

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