Body Repair Technician

Body repair technicians work in auto repair shops to build, repair and modify car structures. The job also includes designing and making drawings of the superstructures and fittings as well as handling various calculations. Body repair technicians usually work in a specific area within the industry, for example in repair, new construction or modifications. Body repair is a certified trade.

Main tasks
  • build interiors for cars
  • assess cars and repair after damage
  • straighten supporting frames and measure in car bench
  • repair damage, dents and wear
  • modify cars according to drawings
  • assemble components; wings, doors and bumpers
  • prepare for paint after repair
Competence requirements

As a body repair technician, you need to be able to work independently and systematically on the assessment, repair and construction of malfunctioning vehicles. It is also necessary to have knowledge to advise and guide on possible repairs, as well as ingenuity and resourcefulness regarding new construction in the industry.

Body repair technicians work a lot with metal and have to use a variety of hand tools, welding equipment, metalworking machines, measuring devices and straightening equipment in their work.


Body repair is taught at Borgarholtsskóli, in addition to which various schools offer two-semester departments in metalworking and mechanical engineering. Studying to become a body repair technician takes about three and a half years.
Validation of prior learning has taken place and/or may be available.

Body repair
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