Bookkeepers keep track of and record expenses and income, prepare annual accounts and keep information related to the operations of companies and institutions. The job can also involve work for a bankruptcy estate, funds or individuals in business.

As a bookkeeper, you could work in any kind of company or institution, privately or publicly owned. The job of a bookkeepers involves considerable communication with auditors and/or others who need access to the accounts in question.

Main tasks

– ensuring that laws and regulations on bookkeeping are followed
– preservation of data
– writing annual accounts and explanations of individual items
– providing relevant information about the business

Competence requirements

As a bookkeeper, it is necessary to have a sense of numbers as well as organizational skills and meticulousness. The work involves various data that must be traceable and systematically arranged. The job involves a lot of work with computers and various accounting programs.

Association of Certified Bookkeepers – Félag viðurkenndra bókara


In order to qualify as a certified bookkeeper, examinations held by the Ministry of Industry and Innovation must be completed. Preparatory studies and general bookkeeping studies are offered at NTV, Promennt, EHÍ and RU Open University. The aim of the study program is for participants to acquire a deeper knowledge of bookkeeping, financial statements and tax reporting and increased ability to use information technology in their work.



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