Librarians work on the organization of information of various kinds and assist individuals and institutions in finding material for knowledge and/or entertainment. The job involves managing data such as books, magazines, documents, records, videos and audio files, whether in electronic or older, more traditional form. Librarian is a certified professional title.

As a librarian, you could work in public libraries, school libraries, or research and specialist libraries.

Main tasks

– providing information on activities and services of libraries
– searching for content and resources in electronic databases
– assisting in searching for information and sources
– organizing, recording and classifying data according to recognized standards

Competence requirements

Librarians need to have organizational skills and precise work methods, and be able to diagnose problems and communicate information in a clear and simple way. It is important to monitor currents and trends in the planning and management of data, and it is necessary to be familiar with the main computer programs related to the job.

Union of Librarians and Information Scientists – Stéttarfélag bókasafns- og upplýsingafræðinga


A master’s degree in information science is offered at the University of Iceland. After completing such studies, it is possible to apply for a professional qualification, which is a two-year study program after completing a BA/BS degree. You can also complete a one-year diploma program in the field.

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