Bookbinders work with computer-controlled bookbinding machines in print shops or information and media companies. The job is primarily to operate such machines, which cut, bind and fold books, although manual book binding also takes place. Bookbinding is a certified trade.

Examples of machines used for bookbinding are folders, cutters (in two or three parts), staplers, milling cutters, sewing and binding machines, and gilding machines.

Main tasks

– finishing preparation of printed material
– advising on the preparation of printed matter and the choice of material for bookbinding
– operating and tuning bookbinding machines
– designing the appearance of books

Competence requirements

As a bookbinder, you need to have a basic knowledge of the entire process of printing and be familiar with the machines and computer-controlled equipment used in the industry. It is also important to be able to organize tasks for book lines and knowing the work involved in shallow as well as deep spines.



Bookbinding is taught at the Technical College, a total of four semesters in school and 48 weeks of internship.

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