The role of booksellers is, to a large extent, to promote the pleasure of reading and to share knowledge. Booksellers inform, give good advice and encourage interested readers, whether they are referring to books at the top of the bestseller lists or lesser-known gems.

As a bookseller, you could, for example, work in a bookstore, an antiquarian bookstore, at a book publishing company or in affiliation with book clubs or online stores. Alongside books for sale, related products are also often available, such as maps, photographs, souvenirs or gifts.

Main tasks
  • selling books, magazines, stationery, writing tools and gift items
  • providing information and guidance on choosing reading material
  • price tagging and sorting books
  • organizing shelves by content or author names
Competence requirements

Booksellers need to have a strong interest in books and literature as well as good communication skills with customers. Knowledge of different branches of literature is also an advantage, as is being familiar with local and foreign writers. Language skills and knowledge of business operations can also be useful.

Based on – Bokhandler


No special education is required to work in book sales, but various types of education can be useful.

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