Dance is an independent and diverse art form. Dance accommodates a variety of dance genres, but dance can also be part of a play, a musical or an opera, for example.

Since this is not a job attainable through academic studies alone, most professional dancers have danced since they were young. Success requires great interest and rigorous training. Dancers can work independently, create their own dance projects and thus combine the creative process and the dance itself. Otherwise, professional dancers take part in smaller independent dance projects or stagings of theaters, operas or the Icelandic Dance Company.

Main tasks

The three main disciplines of dance as a stage art are:
• classical ballet
• jazz dance
• contemporary dance

Competence requirements

The job of a professional dancer requires a good physique, great mobility, a good ear for music, and endurance. Being able to work with others, as well as being able to participate in creative work, is very important. The job is very demanding physically, but mental fortitude also is important; to be able to concentrate and aim for a set goal.

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Dance studies at the university level are offered at the Academy of the Arts in addition to which dance studies can be part of the art studies programs at secondary schools. An overview of dance schools is available at the FÍLD website.

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