A choreographer creates and designs the aesthetic implementation of dance works and dance movements. They work on the installation of dance performances, both their own projects and those of others.

Choreographers working on their own productions are responsible for all participants; dancers, actors, musicians, costume designers and stagehands, as well as managing production and management.

Many choreographers also have experience as professional dancers and can specialize in different styles such as ballet, hip hop, jazz ballet or modern dance.

Main tasks
  • Dance design; movements in the dance piece at hand
  • Rehearsals with dancers

Choreographers can work independently on their own projects, in theaters, for television or anywhere else where dance is taught and practiced.

Competence requirements

In the work of a choreographer, creativity is an important quality, as is knowledge of dance and dance movements. Project management skills and an ability to adopt other people’s perspective are also important. An important prerequisite for becoming a choreographer is to be passionate about something that needs to be expressed through dance.

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Dance studies at the university level are offered at the Iceland University of the Arts in addition to which dance studies can be part of the art studies programs at secondary schools. An overview of dance schools is available at the FÍLD website. Master’s programs in choreography are widely available at foreign universities.

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