Dance teachers teach dance in dance schools, artistic dance schools, jazz dance schools, fitness centers or in courses. The job largely involves teaching and practicing individual steps and moves and connecting them together in dance.

Ballroom dancing teachers often specialize in dances such as Latin American dances, folk dances, or dances that are in vogue at any given time. Artistic dance teachers teach classical art dance and modern artistic dance, but jazz dance teachers base their teaching on artistic dance mixed with other dance genres where the emphasis is on improvisation.

Main tasks

• preparation of syllabi and choosing teaching methods
• correcting students’ posture and technique
• guiding interpretation in dance
• instructing by demonstrating dance
• composing or constructing dances for student performances
• training students for exams and competitions
• judging dance competitions and exams
• training professional dancers and preparing them for performances or competitions

Competence requirements

In the work of a dance teacher, dance skills are a necessary foundation as well as an interest in music and encouraging others to further develop their skills in these areas. Patience and good social and communication skills are great advantages, as well as being able to manage student groups and encourage them and individuals.


Dance instruction is a university study program of up to 5 years. Many have completed a study program in artistic dance in secondary school, a BA degree from LHÍ or a foreign artistic dance school, in addition to a two-year teaching qualification study program at home or abroad.

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