Doormen work in restaurants and clubs and monitor compliance with the rules on opening hours, number/age of guests and use of alcohol. Doormen also often work at events that take place outside of restaurants, such as concerts and outdoor festivals.

Co-operation between doormen is very important on the job, as well as co-operation and providing information between doormen, owners/operators and the police.

Main tasks

– maintaining order at restaurants and places of entertainment
– ensuring that the organization of the queue outside the club is acceptable
– expelling guests who violate rules
– working on safety issues in the workplace

Competence requirements

Doormen must have the consent of the chief of police to work, be at least 20 years old and not have been guilty of violent or drug offenses. A doorman needs to be able to stay calm under pressure. Communication skills, a spirit of service and resourcefulness are important advantages in the job as well as having the ability to deal with difficult and even violent individuals.


The law authorizes no one to work as a doorman unless they have completed an approved course for doormen. Such courses have been held by Mímir – símenntun. The courses cover issues related to doorkeeping; fire prevention, provisions of the Alcohol Act, first aid, responses to unruly behaviour, communication with the police and how to identify signs of consumption and sale of illegal drugs.

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