Chemists research chemical compounds on behalf of scientific institutes and industrial companies, as well as carrying out quality control and development of production, methods, and equipment. The job involves working with a variety of chemical compounds, analyzing them and/or changing them. In addition, chemists often teach in colleges and universities.

Chemists often specialize in a specific field, such as physical chemistry, organic or inorganic chemistry, chemical analysis, or computational chemistry.

Main tasks

• basic research in the field of chemical analysis and synthesis
• chemical experiments
• determining the chemical and physical properties of chemical compounds
• chemical analysis and research in hospital laboratories
• preparing descriptions and standards for chemical processes, equipment, products and tests

Competence requirements

A chemist needs to have an interest in science, as well as being patient and meticulous in their work. Good computer, English and mathematics skills are essential. A good chemist respects the substances used and treats them with care and caution, as many of them are dangerous to people.


Studies in chemistry for a BS degree are a three-year university level program. Postgraduate studies in the field are also available for master’s and doctoral degrees.

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