Direct care and leisure worker

Direct care and leisure workers work to increase the activity and development of people in leisure activities. The job involves being a good role model for children and adolescents and working with older people in order to promote self-help, social interaction and activity. Direct care and leisure workers work according to each person’s interests and try to meet different needs.

As a direct care and leisure worker, you could work with people of all ages in community centers, schools, and sports and social organizations.

Main tasks

• conceptual work in connection with leisure activities
• organization of leisure activities and group activities
• assistance to participants in social and leisure activities
• liaising with the local community

Competence requirements

As a direct care and leisure worker, you need to be able to draw out and work with people’s interests and strengths, gauge social situations and respond appropriately at any given time. It is important to be able to plan projects based on the different needs and ages of those who take part in leisure activities.


Direct care and leisure studies are taught in Borgarholtsskóli. The average study period is two and a half years, including internship. Validation of prior learning and/or a direct care and leisure worker gateway may also be available, for those with work experience or previous studies to build on.

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