Tourism expert

Tourism experts work in the management and planning, marketing and promotion of tourism. The job also includes projects related to planning and environmental issues, tourist guidance and land stewardship, as well as working with the media, teaching and doing research.

As a tourism expert, you could work for private companies or for the state or municipalities. This is most often office work, although work also takes place in national parks and in various tourist destinations.

Main tasks
  • planning and booking trips
  • project management; for example due to organization at popular destinations
  • teaching and research at university level
  • marketing assistance
  • planning new trips and finding new destinations
  • education and information
Competence requirements

Tourism experts must be interested in travel and tourism. Knowledge of the country and its people, environmental issues and the development of tourism is highly desirable, along with organizational skills, knowledge of planning and interpersonal skills.

Icelandic Tourist Board – Ferðamálastofa 
The Icelandic Tourism Skills Center – Hæfnisetur ferðaþjónustunnar


Tourism studies is a study program at university level. At the University of Iceland, undergraduate studies for a bachelor’s degree are a three year study program, while two-year postgraduate studies for a master’s degree are also available. The Department of Tourism at Hólar University offers one-year diploma studies as well as studies for a BA degree and a master’s degree.

Tourism studies
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