Fish processing group leader

A group leader organizes and manages the work of the staff in a specific fish processing area. The job involves assigning people to tasks and ensuring that work is carried out according to the existing work plan and that tasks are completed correctly.

A group leader monitors quality and safety aspects and may have to participate in individual tasks if necessary.

The foreman is the immediate superior of the group leader and they work together on certain matters, such as preparing for the day’s processing or whether staff need to be moved around.

Main tasks
  • receiving people and assimilating them as staff
  • monitoring that manpower is fully utilized
  • ensuring that working hours and the staff’s time off are respected
  • receiving staff complaints and suggestions
  • organizing post-processing and staffing as needed
  • calling in tradesmen and technical personnel if needed
  • clearing up and preparing for the next day
Competence requirements

A group leader needs to be good at interpersonal communication, which is a big part of the job. It is also important to be able to work somewhat irregular working hours, being the first one to arrive the workplace in the morning but the last one to leave after the shift.


Useful study paths and/or courses may be available e.g., at the Icelandic School of Fisheries.

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