Flight attendant

The duties of flight attendants are primarily to ensure the safety of air passengers and crew; to introduce safety equipment on board and ensure that safety rules are followed, not least during take-off and landing. Working hours can be very irregular and generally involve shifts to a large degree.

The foreman of the crew on board, the first flight attendant, is responsible for the team working according to the rules and writes a report on each trip. The chief flight attendant is the superior of the flight attendants, is partly responsible for their training and functions as a liaison with the airline management.

Main tasks

• flight preparation meetings
• ensuring that safety equipment is in order for take-off
• receiving passengers and assisting them in taking their seats
• providing special assistance to certain passengers, such as children and people who are afraid of flying
• serving meals and beverages and selling duty-free products
• answering passengers’ questions and assisting them in various ways
• tidying up before landing, filling out paperwork and preparing for the next flight

Competence requirements

To be able to work as a flight attendant, you must have a good general education and have good language skills. It is important to have training in all aspects of airspace safety and to be able to respond in such situations with skill and determination. It is also important to be in good physical condition, to be able to cope with different situations and to show passengers empathy and patience in difficult situations.


Preparatory courses for prospective flight attendants have variously been offered by airlines or the Keilir Aviation Academy.

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