Aircraft maintenance engineer

Aircraft maintenance engineers carry out regular inspections of aircraft and assess the condition of aircraft and equipment as well as carrying out repairs, maintenance and inspections. Working generally involve shifts to a large degree and the work takes place either outdoors, where the aircraft is parked for a shorter period of time, or in a hangar.

As an aircraft maintenance engineer, you could work both in aircraft repair shops or at public airports.

Main tasks

• inspecting aircraft parts according to detailed plans
• checking for fuel or oil spills
• examining the condition of the aircraft’s electrical, hydraulic, air pressure and control systems
• checking that telecommunication and navigation equipment is in order
• reporting defects and malfunctions that are detected during inspection
• ensuring that the correct information is recorded in aircraft maintenance logs
• inspecting the equipment of aircraft which are in daily use

Competence requirements

The work of aircraft mechanics is connected to the safety of air passengers, and therefore patience, meticulusness and responsibility are very beneficial traits in the job. Good English skills are also important, both writing and speaking. As an aircraft maintenance engineer, you use various tools for the maintenance and repair of aircraft parts.


The aircraft maintenance engineering course in Iceland is a 2,400 hour qualification course for a journeyman’s exam – taught at Tækniskólinn.

Aircraft maintenance mechanics
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