Programmers work on writing code in various programming languages for the purpose of creating software programs for computers. The work is often based on the ideas of others, such as engineering and computer scientists, and operations are created that prescribe what needs to be done so that the design in question can see the light of day.

As a computer programmer, you could work for a variety of companies or organizations, often in collaboration with other technically educated people.

Main tasks

– writing, updating and maintaining software systems
– correcting errors in computer programs or software
– performing software tests and updates
– diagnosing software problems and finding solutions
– writing, analyzing, reviewing and rewriting computer programs

Competence requirements

Programmers need to be very interested in software design and computer functionality. Desirable qualities of programmers are having an eye for detail and being perceptive about numbers and logic, as well as being solution-oriented and able to analyze problems quickly and efficiently. The job of a programmer requires great precision, patience and concentration.

Programmers of the future – Forritarar framtíðarinnar


Computer Science is a three-year program at university level, offered at the University of Iceland and Reykjavík University. There is also a variety of programming courses available.

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