Podiatrists advise on foot health, the treatment and prevention of foot diseases and the remedies available to counteract them. In their work, podiatrists use a variety of treatments and work either in private podiatry clinics or in connection with public healthcare. Podiatry is a certified trade.

Main tasks

• diagnosing the cause of a foot ailment, treating or referring to a doctor if applicable
• cleaning calluses and nails
• treatments for clavuses and warts as well as protective treatments
• treating wounds and cracks on the skin
• advising on foot care and choice of footwear
• advising on treatments to reduce pain, distribute stress and improve gait
• preparing braces and treating ingrown nails
• preparing covers and inserts

Competence requirements

Podiatrists receive an operating license from the Director of Health and must have completed podiatry studies at the secondary school level from a recognized educational institution. A podiatrist needs to be able to be responsible for the advice, education, diagnosis and treatment provided and have a good knowledge of foot diseases and appropriate treatment. As a podiatrist, it is very important to be aware of the risk of infection around clients and when cleaning utensils and equipment.


Studies in podiatry are offered at the Keilir Sports Academy, 199 credits in total, and the specialization study program is organized as a three-semester continuous study program.

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