Leisure instructor

Leisure instructors work with people of all ages in connection with leisure activities. The job involves assessing people’s needs when planning tasks and helping them achieve their goals. In leisure activities in general, the aim is to promote increased maturity and to strengthen social skills and enforce a positive self-image by emphasizing the independence, responsibility and activity of the participants.

In your work as a leisure instructor, you could for example work in after-school programs, community centers or social work for the elderly, often in collaboration with schools, sports clubs and other institutions.

Main tasks

• promoting constructive leisure activities and mobilizing people to participate
• ensuring that the tasks are varied and that everyone finds something to their liking
• organizing programs, events and group work in consultation with co-workers
• preventive work and education
• reporting on the various projects carried out
• overseeing tidying up and cleaning at the end of the working day

Competence requirements

The job of a leisure instructor often requires knowledge in certain areas, for example theatre, art, music, photography or making videos, general computer use, internet use or layout. Technical knowledge, experience of tourism and knowledge of popular sports can also be useful, in addition to which initiative and social skills are highly beneficial.


A study program in leisure and social studies is offered at the University of Iceland. In general, however, a university degree is not required.

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