Entrepreneurs are people who develop their own business ideas and found companies to implement them. These can be ideas of all kinds, related to products and/or services.

Main tasks
  • gauging the market and potential interest
  • testing ideas on potential customers
  • preparing a business plan
  • finding capital and investors
  • finding suitable partners
  • organizing
  • registration and start-up of a company
  • marketing and communication
  • further development of the business concept and implementation
Competence requirements

Entrepreneurs need to possess drive and creativity as well as being able to commit to the implementation of certain projects and solve the problems that arise. It is important to be skilled in communication, to be able to gain the trust of others and to work methodically.


Entrepreneurs can engage in various types of business, so no one course of study is more suitable than another. Abroad, however, there are many examples of such studies at university level, such as Gründerskolen in Norway.

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