Graphic designers convey various content in a visual and accessible manner. The job involves text, fonts, images and colours. Graphic design techniques are used in the design of advertisements, logos, packaging and various other printed matter, as well as television content and the graphic appearance of web pages. Graphic designers also design fonts, work on effects in movies and much more.

As a graphic designer, you could work at an advertising agency, in the media, or in print shops, to name a few examples. The work involves a variety of computer-related equipment, fonts and styles, usually in collaboration with others such as layout technicians, marketing executives, copywriters, filmmakers, printers or carpenters.

Main tasks

• conceptual work and sketching
• preparation of material for printing
• designing for screen media
• consulting on appearance and promotion of companies
• design of booths for product and service exhibitions

Competence requirements

A graphic designer must be interested in design and presenting information. Graphic design is constantly evolving, so it is important to keep an eye on innovations and what is happening in the work environment. Creativity and an ability to handle a variety of tasks are good traits.


Graphic design is a three-year university study program for a BA degree in the design and architecture department of the Iceland Academy of the Arts.

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