Primary school teacher

The work of primary school teachers consists of specialization or classroom teaching as well as training students in social communication, expression, organized work methods and interaction. Primary school teacher is a legally protected job title.

In your work as a primary school teacher, you could supervise a class and/or specialize in a specific field in academic or practical subjects. The work involves extensive collaboration with parents and staff of schools and related institutions.

Main tasks

• organizing studies and teaching
• introducing and explaining study materials to students
• study material preparation and presentation of assignments, exercises and surveys
• evaluating student performance
• training students to treat their surroundings with respect
• tracking students’ attendance
• supporting students in communication and personal matters
• attending teacher meetings and taking part in the shaping of school work

Competence requirements

Primary school teachers receive a work permit from the Ministry of Education, Science and Culture and must have completed a master’s degree at university level. A primary school teacher needs to have the ability to work independently and to form good relationships with students, their guardians and co-workers. Creativity, patience and good time management are advantageus traits, as well as ability to manage classes and deal with demanding behavior on the part of children and adolescents.


To become a primary school teacher, you must complete five years of university studies for a master’s degree, which entitles you to a certified teaching license. The study program is offered at the Faculty of Education at the University of Iceland and the Faculty of Education at the University of Akureyri.

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