Healthcare secretary

Healthcare secretaries work various jobs in healthcare institutions. In their work, there is a great deal of daily contact with patients and their families, for example in connection with transfers between wards or tests. Healthcare secretaries handle patients’ reception, answer the telephone and record appointments, receive payments, send out invoices and handle various types of data collection, data management and registration.

Healthcare secretaries work in hospitals, clinics, laboratories or other companies in healthcare service. In many places, healthcare secretaries work as assistants to the head of the nursing department.

Main tasks

• patient reception
• answering telephones and registration of appointments
• calling in patients from waiting lists
• ordering tests and services for patients
• employee attendance registration and preparation of shift lists
• ordering specialized products from stock, office supplies and forms
• data registration
• writing and forwarding requests

Competence requirements

As a health secretary, you may need to communicate with different individuals with different needs and deal with difficult situations with people. It is important to have good computer skills and knowledge of information storage, archives and computer records. A healthcare secretary must be able to work independently, be able to prioritize tasks and maintain confidentiality.


The study is at the secondary school level, at the healthcare secretary program of Fjölbrautaskólinn við Ármúla. The average study period is two and a half years, four semesters in school as well as internship.

A healthcare secretary gateway may also be available, for those with work experience or previous studies to build on.

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