Home care jobs consists of helping with everyday things that people cannot handle themselves due to age, illness or some kind of special needs. The goal of home care is to enable people to live in their own home despite not being able to fully take care of themselves.

Home care usually involves shift work that takes place in people’s homes on behalf of municipalities or independent companies.

Main tasks
  • cleaning and laundry
  • shopping and cooking
  • personal assistance of various kinds, e.g., due to hygiene or clothing
Competence requirements

Home care workers must be good at personal interaction and be able to show empathy and affection but must also have full respect for clients. They must be able to work both independently and in groups.

Based on Utdanning.no – Hjemmehjelp


In general, no special education is required for the job, but all education and experience in caregiving can be beneficial, as well as a driving license.

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