A groom, or stable hand, performs various tasks related to the care of horses and assisting with their training. The job also involves assisting clients in horse riding with travel companies and instructing on the basics of equestrianism.

As a groom, you could work on a horse farm, in horse-related tourism or with companies performing similar activities such as training centers or horse rentals.

Main tasks

• feeding and caring for horses
• assisting with daily tasks in horse-related tourism and in horse riding
• assisting with training horses
• assisting with hoof care and ironing

Competence requirements

A groom must be able to take care of the basics of horse care, to assess their health condition and know the main methods of training. It is important to have basic riding skills and be able to take beginners on shorter rides. A groom must know the main safety issues related to horsemanship and be able to respond to the most common accidents.


Courses in equestrianism at Fjölbrautaskóli Suðurlands and Fjölbrautaskóli Norðurlands vestra aim to prepare students for jobs at horse rentals and  trips, and as horse training assistants. An equestrian elective program is also on offer at the open study course at Framhaldsskólinn í Mosfellsbæ.

At Hólar University, a three-year university degree is offered for a bachelor’s degree, on the one hand in riding and riding instruction, and on the other hand in equestrian studies. It is possible to take part of the study program and graduate with a diploma degree.

Equestrian studies
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