Tour bus driver

Tour bus drivers work by driving people on a bus between destinations. The job involves customer service as well as care and maintenance of the vehicle in question.

Main tasks

• checking vehicle before departure and at the end of the day; cleaning up trash and checking for missing items
• checking safety equipment and taking care of the safety of passengers
• monitoring road and weather conditions
• arranging packages and luggage in the luggage storage
• passenger service
• recording travel information
• collecting fares

Competence requirements

The job of a tour bus driver differs somewhat depending on whether the trip is within a city or out in the country. In most cases, however, a spirit of service and communication skills towards different groups of passengers are needed. Knowledge of the vehicle and good driving skills are very important factors, with the job requiring a special driving license. Language skills and knowledge of first aid are also beneficial. Good physical condition is important, as working conditions can often be tight, the work posture monotonous and sitting for long hours is a part of the job.


A condition for employment is to have a driving license for larger vehicles and a bus licence.

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