Hotel manager

A hotel manager is responsible for the day-to-day operation and organization of what takes place at a hotel and the aim of the work is to ensure that hotel guests have an enjoyable stay. The work is related to all areas of running a hotel, from marketing to human resources.

In larger hotels, there are managers in each department, who in turn answer to the hotel manager. The scope and number of projects depends somewhat on the size of the hotel in question and the number of employees.

Main tasks

• budgeting and financial management
• marketing – setting goals and follow-up
• supervision of recruitment and dismissal of employees
• building and strengthening business relationships
• supervision and responsibility for operating licenses
• supervision of larger bookings for companies and events
• planning the maintenance of a hotel building

Competence requirements

A hotel manager needs to have business and marketing skills. It is also important to have good communication skills and a sense of service.


Reykjavík University offers international training in hotel management and restaurant management in collaboration with César Ritz Colleges in Switzerland. The first year of three can be completed in Iceland, graduating with an international certificate in hotel management and restaurant management. Teaching is in English.

Service studies are also sometimes mentioned as a basis for further training in connection with hotel management.

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