Hotel maid

A hotel maid ensures that hotel rooms are clean, in order and ready for guests. A hotel maid also cleans the rooms during guests’ stay. The work usually involves shifts and the employer usually provides work clothes.

Main tasks

• changing bed linen, sheets and towels
• making the beds
• vacuuming floors and carpets
• dusting and cleaning furniture
• refilling soaps, shampoos and other products offered by the hotel
• refilling the minibar

Competence requirements

A hotel maid must be able to work quickly and accurately and strive to make the guests’ arrival in the room as pleasant as possible. A hotel maid must also be reliable, honest and respectful of people’s privacy. It is beneficial to be in good physical shape, as the work involves considerable strain.


Hæfnisetur ferðaþjónustunnar


There is no formal requirement for education, but various work-related courses may be available.

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