An influencer’s job revolves around marketing on behalf of various advertisers. The job title is recent and is meant for those who are paid to draw attention to a certain product, company or service through social media.
This can be marketing for different advertisers in industries that are often related to fashion, lifestyle or travel. Influencers are a kind of intermediary between advertisers and those thy want to reach.
Influencers often gather a large number of followers through blogs, YouTube or social media such as Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. In their work, influencers must follow the Consumer Agency’s rules on easily recognizable advertisements.

Influencers work independently rather than working directly for one employer, often through temporary contracts with several different companies at the same time or in connection with individual brands.

Main tasks

– prepare and publish content on behalf of advertisers
– taking photos, putting together videos and writing reviews
– marketing of products and oneself as a brand
– maintaining and increasing the number of followers on social media
– finding, interacting with and keeping in touch with customers
– attending events and media coverage

Competence requirements

An influencer needs to have determination, initiative, determination and sales skills, as well as being able to build trust and be good at getting in touch with people and working with them. The job involves influencing the attitudes and actions of others. Therefore, you need knowledge of the use of social media as well as the product and advertiser that you work with at any given time.

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No particular education is required to be an influencer, but appropriate education could be related to factors such as marketing, communication or entrepreneurship.

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