Sports coach help athletes by organizing training, guiding them during training sessions and preparing for competition. The role of a coach can be very different depending on the sport and the people who attend the training, for example whether they are children, teenagers, adults, beginners or advanced athletes. Sports coaches are employed in most sports, if not all.

Most coaches work for sports clubs or within special sports associations and are often also involved in some tasks related to management. They also work with individuals, most often in connection with elite sports and competition. In professional sports, the coach is often made responsible for achieving the desired results, but coaches often work together and share tasks.

Main tasks
  • planning training sessions for shorter and longer periods
  • teaching and guiding during training sessions
  • preparing athletes for competition
  • various advice and support
Competence requirements

As a sports coach, it is very important to have in-depth knowledge of the sport in question as well as ability in the sport itself. Training requires organizational skills, and the job can be challenging, both physically and mentally. Being able to work with others is extremely important, as the training often involves participants of different levels of ability.

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A formal education as such is generally not required to work as a sports coach, although it can be extremely useful. In most sports, however, it is necessary to complete a certain study program in order to be able to train elite athletes. In some sports, having completed coaching courses is required, but this may be subject to individual special associations.

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