A yoga instructor teaches yoga exercises designed to increase well-being and fitness. The work is focused on the goal of creating a balance between mind and body through movement, breathing and meditation.

As a yoga instructor, you could work in many places, such as gyms, hospitals, rehabilitation centers, schools, or yoga centers. Many people specialize in different techniques or yoga for specific groups, such as pregnancy yoga.

Main tasks

• organizing courses and preparing syllabi
• teaching simple and complex yoga exercises, breathing and relaxation
• arranging the instruction according to the needs of the students
• evaluating progress and providing feedback

Competence requirements

Yoga instructors need to be in good physical shape and have considerable experience of yoga exercises. Patience, concentration and empathy are important, as well as being supportive and encouraging. Good communication and organizational skills are also highly advantageous traits. It is important to be aware of injuries that arise in association with yoga exercises and be able to respond properly to them.


Yoga teachers must attend a minimum of 200 hours of basic courses,  but various types of further studies are also available.

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