A tailor works with custom sewing, costume sewing, tailoring and other professional work related to the production of menswear. The job also involves providing clients with advice and services in designing, implementing and tailoring clothing. Tailors sometimes specialize in making clothing from heavier materials and often work with a standard format. Tailoring is a certified trade.

As a tailor, you could work in a clothing factory, a sewing studio or in your own workshop. Tailors often manage production, supervise or provide professional guidance in their work.

Main tasks

• implementing your own ideas or those of customers
• choosing materials to work with
• handling the purchasing of materials and other products needed in a sewing studio
• taking measurements, drawing, implementing patterns and altering or specially tailoring clothes
• Enlarging or reducing formats and/or widening and taking in clothes

Competence requirements

As a tailor, it is important to know the main properties and advantages of materials used in tailoring, be interested in design and sewing and have mastery of different sewing techniques. A tailor need to have a good grasp of the use of tools and equipment and be able to use computer technology in the development of ideas.


Tailoring is a four-year study at the secondary school level and is taught at the Technical School.

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