Geographers perform a variety of jobs related to our environment and society. Geography is an interdisciplinary field of science based on knowledge in many fields, and geographers therefore often collaborate with scientists in related disciplines such as physics, geology, meteorology, sociology and economics.

As a geographer, you could work in many areas; conducting research and consulting on land use and nature conservation, handling the design and operation of geographical information systems as well as mapping, teaching at any school level or work in tourism or media.

Geographers often specialize in a specific field within the discipline, such as urban or rural geography, economic geography, land use, mapping, environmental issues, tourism or in the field of settlement and business planning.

Main tasks

• natural and environmental research
• environmental planning and analysis of social conditions in specific locations
• obtaining geographical data for analysis and mapping
• recording, interpreting and processing aerial and satellite images

Competence requirements

A geographer must have a great interest and good knowledge of environmental issues and the coexistence of people and nature. It is important to have good analytical skills and computer skills as well as being proficient in the processing of numbers and data.


Geography is a three-year university study program for a BS degree, taught at the Faculty of Life and Environmental Sciences at the University of Iceland.

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