Landscape architects plan the utilization of land as well as designing outdoor recreation and sports areas, cemeteries, squares, streets and plots. Their specialization is twofold; the overall planning of large areas, such as national parks or town planning on the one hand, and urban planning on the other; recreation areas, parks, streets and squares. Landscape architect is a legally protected job title.

As a landscape architect, you could either work independently or in the public sector. Landscape architects work closely with buyers, architects, planners and engineers on the design and implementation of the projects at hand.

Main tasks

• working with data related to the nature of certain areas
• making land utilization and cultivation plans
• making plans and proposals for the location of structures
• preparing work drawings, project and maintenance descriptions and cost estimates
• ensuring that construction aligns with plans

Competence requirements

A landscape architect needs to be able to think creatively, to pay close attention and keep an eye on details. Good computer skills are important, as the work of landscape architects is largely done with drawing software. It is also beneficial to be well acquainted with nature conservation issues and to care for the environment as well as having knowledge of conditions for plants and wildlife.


Landscape architecture is a five-year university study program that ends with a Master´s degree. The Agricultural University at Hvanneyri offers a three-year study program for a BS degree. Students graduating from there need to add two years of study abroad to obtain the rights of a landscape architect, and Icelandic landscape architects have enrolled in such programs in Canada, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, the United States, the United Kingdom and Germany, among others.

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