Rangers work primarily during the summer months receiving guests in nature reserves. The job involves providing information about nature, particulars of places, history, campsites, hiking trails, roads and other things that tourists want to know.

Main tasks

• education about nature in the area
• inspecting traffic and how people treat the environment
• marking, laying and maintaining footpaths
• assistance and first aid in the event of an accident

Competence requirements

As a ranger, an interest in nature and nature conservation is a very advantageous trait, along with a sense of service and flexibility in human relations. It is important to know about environmental issues, nature conservation, culture and the local community and have good Icelandic and English skills as well as good handwork skills and knowledge of first aid.


To obtain qualification as a ranger, a course in nature conservation and land stewardship that the Environment Agency conducts each year must be completed.  Participants must be at least 20 years old, with a matriculation examination or other similar education or experience. The main emphasis of the courses is on:

  • Iceland – nature and society
  • Nature conservation
  • Environmental law
  • Daily tasks as a ranger
  • Environmental education

Qualification as a ranger can also be obtained by diploma studies in tourism at Hólar University and at the Faculty of Nature and Environmental Sciences at the University of Agriculture.

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