A lighting technician works on the installation of lights and their daily operation. The job involves controlling spotlights, for example chase lights, and/or controlling a light desk at a variety of events.

Lighting technicians work in collaboration with lighting supervisors, lighting designers and show coordinators. The work often involves shift work and being present around events such as theatrical performances.

Main tasks

• controlling spotlights and implementing light changes
• daily work executing lighting of events
• hanging up, connecting and adjusting spotlights
• handling light settings and their movement during rehearsals
• supervising light desk during a performance in collaboration with the performance coordinator

Competence requirements

A lighting technician needs to be interested in technology and electrical equipment. It is important to be able to work in a team with others. Lighting technicians work with spotlights of various shapes and sizes, computers and light desks, and the work can be physically demanding.


No special education is required as a lighting technician, but various work-related courses may be available. Studies in electrical technology can also be pointed out, as basic and advanced studies in electrical technology are available at many secondary schools.

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